Five Ways to Stop Gadgets from Ruining Your Eyes

On average, individuals — all walks of life — are spending most of their time looking at their phones, tablets, or laptops, whether for work, studies, hobbies, or leisure time. Especially in this pandemic that all people are encouraged to stay indoors and do their job at home, we are forced to look at our screens almost 24/7 a week!  


The thing is, it poses danger to anyone’s health. This is something not news to everybody; it is something a general knowledge that one must know. Unfortunately, we have become too dependent on technology that we can’t spend a day without looking at the screen.  

Besides other illnesses that your gadgets can give you are the ruination of your eyes and their ability to provide you with less clear eyesight. Hours of binge-watching or internet surfing can significantly damage your vision and this can be experienced with several symptoms including headache, itchy eyes, blurred vision, burning eyes, sore neck, difficulty concentrating, sore shoulder, and sore back. If you are experiencing these, you need to consult a professional like the eye care Houston and get treatment. If you are still not experiencing the symptoms, there are things you can do to avoid straining your eyes too much, and these are the things that we will be sharing with you.  


Minimize glare – when we talk about glare; it is a strong light that enters your eyes and can negatively affect your sight. This light can be obtained directly from the sources or from surfaces reflecting the light. This is the very reason why it is needed to put some shades in your room as well as your computer. You can also use an anti-glare monitor filter.  


Follow the 20-20-20 rule – there is no coincidence that your vision needs to be 20-20. What is the 20-20-20 rule by the way? The rule states that you need to take a break from looking at a screen or monitor every 20 minutes and focus your eyes on the object that is 20 feet away within 20 seconds. This method helps in refocusing your eyesight as well as helps in relaxing them. You can also utilize the beak for going to the bathroom or have a coffee break within work hours. 


Always blink frequently – blinking frequently is something that we automatically do as a human being. However, whenever we face the monitor or screen, we blink less frequently which causes irritation and dryness in our eyes. On the contrary, when we do conscious blinking, this helps moisten the eyes and prevent them from dryness. So, whenever you take a break from 20 mins looking at the screen, you can also try blinking slowly to moisten your eyes.  


Invest in high-quality computer glasses – computer glasses are everywhere and you can see some cheap glasses being sold in the online market. However, you need to take note that these glasses may not be effective in protecting your eyes, or worse, they may cause more irritation. This is why it is important and it is advised that you go to a professional ophthalmologist to give your eyes proper diagnoses.  

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